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StarMine Earnings Surprise Forecast
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Results of March 5, 2009 issue

On March 5, 2009, StarMine's Earnings Surprise Forecast highlighted 10 companies with a high probability of reporting an earnings surprise. Using StarMine SmartEstimates as our guide, we accurately predicted the surprise direction in 9 out of 10.

2448 TT: Epistar Corp(P)   Predicted Surprise: -11.5%
Mean Estimate: NT$0.89  StarMine SmartEstimate: NT$0.79  Actual: NT$0.07 
MSIL IN: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd   Predicted Surprise: -4.8%
Mean Estimate: Rs48.37  StarMine SmartEstimate: Rs46.08  Actual: Rs42.18 
297 HK: Sinofert Holdings   Predicted Surprise: -3.7%
Mean Estimate: HK$0.334  StarMine SmartEstimate: HK$0.322  Actual: CNY0.274 
1898 HK: China Coal Energy Co   Predicted Surprise: -3.2%
Mean Estimate: CNY0.69  StarMine SmartEstimate: CNY0.67  Actual: CNY0.65 
7951 JP: Yamaha Corp   Predicted Surprise: -2.5%
Mean Estimate: ¥11.08  StarMine SmartEstimate: ¥10.81  Actual: ¥13.85 
This newsletter features stocks that we predict will experience an earnings surprise in the upcoming reporting season. All surprise predictions are uncovered using the powerful analytic and screening capabilities of StarMine Professional.
 Issue Accuracy
 February 2010 9/10
 March 2009 9/10
 February 2008 10/10
 November 2007 11/11
  39/41 (95%)

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